How did this all come about?
Through relational conversations with the Senior Pastors — John & Leslie, of The Life Church. We recognize that we can accomplish more together than we can apart. This merger will help us forward the mission of reaching more people in our community.

Who is The Life Church?
The Life Church is a thriving church based out of Memphis, TN led by Pastors John and Leslie Siebeling. The church was planted in 1996 when Pastors John and Leslie felt called to the Memphis area with a vision to plant a church that would be a diverse body of believers committed to serving people, developing leaders and impacting generations.

What are the benefits of merging?
Simply put, we are better together than we could ever be apart. Both of our churches bring much to the table. We are both diverse and motivated by seeing people serve each other and impact the next generation. The greatest benefit is the over 20 years of experience from the leadership team at The Life Church in building a thriving, life-giving church in multiple locations.

How will the locations work together?
Each region has a dedicated Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor is the primary communicator, preaching on the weekends. We will share the same vision, values, and ministry strategy at each location. Throughout the year we will join together as one church for a focused message, celebrating what God has done and look forward to what He will continue to do.

Who will be our Pastors?
Pastors Emy & Emily will continue to be the Lead Pastors in Massachusetts. The Senior Pastors over all regions and locations are Pastors John & Leslie Siebeling.

How will services be different?
Much of the service will be the same. You will see the same people with a commitment to bring a vibrant weekend service focused on worship, hearing God’s Word, and taking next steps.

What will the name of our church be?
The Life Church Massachusetts

Will this be a video campus?
Lead Pastors Emy and Emily will continue to preach live in Massachusetts, but a few times a year we will have the opportunity to hear from our Senior pastors, John and Leslie Siebeling over broadcast video.

What are we getting out of this merger?
Better systems, the weight and strength of a 24 year old church that has grown and scaled in multiple locations across the Mid-South, New York, and Santiago, Chile. Our team will receive training and development from high-level leaders to further the mission.

When will this merger take place?
This merger will take place in 2021.