We will do everything and anything (except sin) to reach people far from God because we believe found people, find people.


We expect the unexpected. We will not think small. We will make bold moves, take risks and enjoy watching God do the impossible. (Mark 9:23)


We believe that life should not be done alone so we DO LIFE TOGETHER through relationships. We encourage godly friendships, healthy families and attending ExcelGroups.


We always want to create an atmosphere where people are passionate about God. In our atmospheres we want diversity to be seen, encouragement to be the culture, excellence is in the details and safety is a priority.


God and His Word is first in all we do and have. We will give our time, talents and treasures beyond what is imagined. We will sacrifice our lives for Christ since Christ sacrificed His life for us.


We will be simple when needed, relevant and real. We will not assume that everyone who walks through our doors understands church. ExcelChurch is full of real people with real struggles who are being radically changed by a real Savior.


If you’re too big to serve then you are too small to lead. We believe the greatest leadership is service to others. Secondly, we see discipleship and leadership as synonymous. We desire to create a culture of leadership and encourage disciples to make disciples.


Our first ministry is to God. We value Prayer and stay hungry for the Presence of God. We understand that we need the power, presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives.