Did you know that you were never intended to do life alone? You were created for relationships, first with God, and then with others! Relationships are truly the essence of life and they can make you better or worse! Here at Excel, we desire to see you grow into the best version of yourself and that starts with who you choose to surround yourself with. Join us this Sunday as Paul Tourigny preaches a message entitled, “The Power of Relationships!”. Together, we will dig into God’s word and learn WHY it is so important to have healthy, encouraging, Christ-centered relationships and HOW we can use wisdom to find them! We believe that the spirit of isolation will be broken in Jesus’ name and you will leave both encouraged and challenged to find YOUR tribe! It’s going to be an incredible message! Don’t miss it!


We are dedicated to providing a place where ordinary people like yourself can have a life-changing experience with God.

Here at Excel, we focus on the following four areas:





To meet people where they are and
to encourage them to Excel with Christ.

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